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Single-phase and Three-phase Autotransformers

All our autotransformers are made to order, with tensions, primary and secondary numbers, connections, dimensions, implementations and options made at the customer's request.

Technical Specifications

Some examples of possible uses

The autotransformers are transformers with only one coil working as primary and secondary, therefore there is no galvanic isolation between the two.
These products are convenient from an economic point of view when used in place of a transformer of equal power as the difference in tension between the input and output is lower.

In addition, autotransformers offer higher yields, reduced losses, lower short-circuit voltages and lower voltage variations from vacuum to load.

To evaluate its effectiveness, the sizing power must be calculated using the following formula:

Pd = [(Vmax-Vmin) / Vmax] x PV


CEI EN 61558-2-13